Goodbye to the mills! Meet the new wind power technology

This image worthy for a Pink Floyd album cover is not more than the near future of wind power. On the occasion of the world environment day, is a new technology that is changing the way of producing energy through wind, leaving the iconic wind turbine windmills in the past.

Swiss scientists have developed a polymer that have the inherent capacity to autorrepararse by exposure to ultraviolet light and which could be of enormous use in areas like packaging, construction, transport… since they extend the life of materials that are used in numerous applications.

Most of the materials-based polymers are repaired by direct heating of the affected area, however, here have developed a rubbery material that contains metallic compounds that absorb ultraviolet light and convert it into localized heat, allowing the self-healing. Metalosupramolecular polymer is exposed to ultraviolet light, produces a stimulation of the metallic bonding and energy thus absorbed is transformed into heat.

The journal Nature has echoed from the news that scientific Japanese have managed that mouse embryonic stem cells spontaneously become the laboratory in a retina, the structure which develops the eye (in the image, the retina created by scientists at the Japan in a test tube).

So far never had been create a fabric that is as complex as it is a retina in vitro. The researchers dipped embryonic stem cells in a mixture of nutrients. Then, without further assistance, own cells specialized and organized themselves spontaneously to achieve three-dimensional forms. Roads is so open to new treatments against eye diseases. According to the experts, even raises the possibility of restoring sight with retinas transplanted, generated from own stem cells from a patient.…