Free weights in the gym McFIT

The Department of Consumer Affairs has a weights and measures Division composed of trained technical staff that inspects and verifies all weighing equipment and measure used in the trade of the country.

(SV) high jump: will be done by the method of thread, on a flat surface, preferably Court, synthetic, rubber parts, or other similar; but never on hard surfaces. Each competitor will have two attempts, of which the best result will be chosen. A 0,60 metres square will be marked on the floor and jumps with fall outside this area will be forfeited.

In his first attempt he managed the 85 kilos, although it failed the next two, both 89; in the uprising in two times he was successful in the 113 and 118 kilos, and although it failed on 125, reached him for a position among the top three.

e. to be able to successfully push the weight of the bar it is necessary to produce a maximum acceleration upwards. To achieve this the knees are bent between 15 and 25 centimetres, this Flex is individual and depends on the stature of the weightlifter and his technical style.

The bar for male competitions must weigh 20 kg and a length of 222 cm; its circumference should be 9 cm. The distance between ironmaster dumbbells latches that hold the discs must be of 1.31 m. The shirt’s bar has a length of 45 cm and a circumference of 16 cm.…