Rental of offices and premises of WTCB

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Despite an unfavourable economic context, the Buenos Aires office market began to show the first signs of recovery: a reduction of the number of vacant offices and rental values have reversed their downward trend.

At the opening of his own Office Office for rent in Barcelona, must face the costly and arduous work conditioning, install and configure your workspace before to be productive: project works, licenses and taxes, furniture and decoration, high computing and telecommunications, infrastructure providers of basic services, cost of recruitment, etc., as well as a long period of time before your activity.

Instead choose a SBC Center will allow you to install instantly, in a completely equipped office from 1 up to 6 jobs in a professional environment and to the height of your business without investment initial, well located and well connected, with private on-site parking, equipped with a next-generation it infrastructure, computer technician, service at your disposal meeting rooms Office areas, rest areas, service of Secretariat and reception, and everything your company needs for its daily operations.

Our customers enjoy a guarantee of total flexibility without commitment to stay thanks to our unique Flexible service contract. Therefore in SBC, there are no mandatory periods of permanence. Choose your office, install in 5 minutes, enjoy the duration and price that best fits your needs, change them when you want and finish his contract when it suits you. With just two months of notice.

For customers who have rented an office at any of our centres, meeting rooms have a symbolic price of €1 / hour (4 pax) €2 / hour (8 pax), which allows us to rationalize their use and manage neatly reserves for all customers Office rentals in Singapore are expensive to enjoy this service. The rooms are fully equipped with Internet access, screen/projector monitor, Slate, etc. Remember that you can also have catering, technical assistance, prior printing of documents, presentations, welcome attendees, etc.